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The Benefits of a New Roof

The Benefits of a New Roof

Thinking about a full roof replacement is a big decision and a serious investment. However, it’s not something that homeowners should put off for as long as possible: Older roofs can encourage leaks and create additional problems that can be expensive to address.

But there’s another reason to consider a new roof – it can come with plenty of advantages, and even help owners save money over time. Here are the latest benefits of getting a new roof, and why they matter.

Energy Efficiency

A new roof creates more energy efficiency in a couple of different ways. First, old rooftops tend to be a few decades old, which means that insulation and installation options have come a long way since then. A new roof is likely to have better insulation with more reliable installation practices, which means your home temperature won’t fluctuate as often.

Second, a new roof is an opportunity to add several features specifically designed to save energy on heating and cooling. White shingles and reflective coatings can disperse sunlight before the house can absorb heat, so hot summer days don’t tax the air conditioner like they used to. This is also a time to consider adding features like extra vents or even solar panels to improve overall energy efficiency in the house.

Adapt to Your Location and Climate

Sometimes the original roof on your home wasn’t really designed with your specific climate or immediate location in mind. Does your roof tend to lose shingles because it faces the brunt of a lot of storm winds? It may be time to replace it with more durable materials made to withstand lots of wind. Do you have serious problems with algae or moss because of your local climate? A new roof can be designed to prevent these growth problems with the right materials.

A new roof is likely to have better insulation with more reliable installation practices, which means your home temperature won’t fluctuate as often.


Choosing a new roof also allows owners to address safety concerns. This can include replacing a sagging roof before it causes expensive and serious structural damage or ripping out rotted parts of a roof and ensuring that moisture won’t be a problem in the future.

Increasing Property Value

A new roof can also increase your overall property value and make a house easier to sell. New roof features like more energy-efficiency can be a major selling point for some buyers and allow you to ask for a slightly higher price for your home. Changing roofing materials to a style that’s more historical for your area or uses a more durable or beautiful material (such as metal or slate roofing) can also add value to a home. Finally, rooftops can have lots of curb appeal since they are one of the first things that buyers notice when pulling up to a home, and a new roof can make a much better first impression than an older roof with visual problems.

Remember, it’s important to get as much information as possible before deciding on getting a new roof, what materials to choose, and other important factors. Contact Rosie’s Roofing today, and we can arrange an inspection, an estimate, or other help you may want.

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