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Rosie's Difference

Who is Rosie?

With more than 30 years of combined experience in roofing & restoration, including siding, gutters, and windows, Rosie’s offers its clients the experience, judgment, and know-how to ensure that your project proceeds as planned, utilizing all the appropriate materials and installation personnel.

We are often asked, “Who is Rosie?” In truth, Rosie is an idea around which three individuals from widely ranging backgrounds came together with common goals and shared values. Key among these values is the core belief that the best way to ensure that we are here for years to come is by growing the company solidly and conservatively. Our success requires a commitment to customer service, fiscal responsibility, strong leadership and the development of the resources necessary to get any job accomplished.

In this light, Rosie’s hearkens back to the World War II cultural icon of Rosie the Riveter. She personifies the American work ethic, its “can-do” attitude and a willingness to do whatever is necessary to get the job done.

Rosie’s Roofing & Restoration endeavors to honor these core values in everything we do.

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The Rosie’s Difference

Quality Work: From the initial meeting with a homeowner to the completion of the project, Rosie’s Restoration has processes and procedures that assure quality. Whether it is just your roof that needs to be replaced or there is extensive damage including water damage from floods, gutters, and siding, your Restoration Specialists is your point of contact and project manager. Our Restoration Specialist provides a coherent and personal experience for our clients and greatly enhances communication. We are proud of our Better Business Bureau rating and our customer reviews which stand as a testament to our excellent quality and ability to resolve issues intelligently.

Warranties: Rosie’s Roofing & Restoration provides standard two-year workmanship warranties on all our roof installations. Our relationships with Owens Corning, GAF, and CertainTeed allow us to offer extended manufacturers warranties that cover material and even labor. Moreover, Rosie’s Restoration can honor our warranty everywhere we work.

No Money Down: Unlike most companies that do this kind of work, Rosie’s Roofing & Restoration asks for no money down before beginning a project. Our clients pay nothing until each job is completed and they are satisfied. At that point, their only out-of-pocket expenses are their deductible, any requested upgrades, and roof decking replacement if not covered by insurance. Again, your Restoration Specialist will explain this clearly as part of earning your business.

Local Knowledge: Building codes, permitting requirements and inspection procedures vary from city to city and state to state. Rosie’s Roofing & Restoration always adheres to local or International Building Codes where required.

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Why Restoration?

Restoration Specialists are trained to assess the entire scope of damage to your property. They also assist you in working with your insurance company to discuss any necessary repairs, advocating appropriate repairs based on building codes and ordinances, and working within the scope of what your policy allows. For more information, please contact us today.

What We Believe

  • That our Restoration Specialists are the best trained and most knowledgeable of any in our industry. They are able to educate homeowners so that our clients thoroughly understand the insurance restoration process and the work that needs to be done.
  • That clear communication between your Restoration Specialist, Rosie’s Restoration and you is the key to setting expectations and then meeting or exceeding those expectations.
  • That the job should be done correctly the first time.
  • That your Restoration Specialist will manage and coordinate your entire project.
  • That the homeowner should not make any payments prior to each job being finished.