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3 New Roofing Materials That Improve Energy Efficiency

3 New Roofing Materials That Improve Energy Efficiency

You can improve energy efficiency by making repairs. However, nothing saves you money on utility costs like a new roof. Take a few moments to explore new roofing solutions.

New Roof Installation Solutions

Before you install a new roof, have a contractor examine your current rooftop materials. The type of material recommended for you depends on the climate. However, your building structure and materials also influence what type of roof you should build.


A thermoplastic roofing system installs easily with plates and screws. Your contractor would use mechanical tools to attach the TPO material onto your building. Hot welds of more than 1,700 degrees ensure maximum sealing that keeps out drafts. It also waterproofs all seams, which can also help you retain interior heat and insulate the inside during summer.

TPO works excellent for commercial roofs, but you can install it on residential buildings. This material lasts about 30 years, and it releases no toxic substances. Additionally, you can recycle it come time to replace it, and it regulates indoor summer temperatures.

The best bitumen roofs have a UV coating, and it insulates buildings in a way that reduces energy costs.

Built-Up Asphalt Roofing

Built-up asphalt roofs provide more than 50 years of weatherproofing. A built-up roof will prevent leaks and does not cost as much to maintain as less durable materials. New types will even block UV rays, and certain topcoats can keep building interiors cool in the summer. In addition to lower replacement expenses, asphalt roofs reduce air conditioning expenses.

Modified Bitumen

The best bitumen roofs have a UV coating, and it insulates buildings in a way that reduces energy costs. This maximizes their life span, which typically runs about 30 years with proper care. This flat roofing material usually comes in 2- or 3-ply strengths. You may want bitumen for your new roof because it does hold up well against high winds and extreme hot-and-cold temperature fluctuations.

The expandable nature of it also makes it less likely to crack or tear than stiff, non-stretchable materials. Its intricate layering system of overlapping seams also provides extreme safeguarding against water penetration. Therefore, it does prevent leakage and requires few repairs during its lifetime.

Proper New Roof Maintenance

A new roof requires a financial investment you should not take lightly. Proper maintenance starts with inspecting it once a year to prevent the progression of problems. Hiring the right professional roofers will also make a difference in how long your roofing materials last.

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